Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blue Holes of Abaco

Today we went to one of the many blue holes here in Abaco. Blue holes are underwater caves, wide crevices, or sink holes that usually have an outlet into the sea. Some can be found in the shallow backwaters and others are actually on land. We've come across some in our travels that actually look like they are boiling from the current, just like a fresh water spring.

The one we went to today is a closed cave, where the deepest walls have fallen in, shutting off the exit to the ocean. We had to go at high tide because it is located in the backwaters by Snake Cay, Great Abaco. It is shallow all around it, but then suddenly the water turns dark where the deep water is.

Dave brought his underwater hookah compressor with him and went down to around 20ft. He said there are caverns that lead off in four different directions. There are ledges everywhere, filled with fish.

Above water, Bill kept watch, and he had a reading of 60ft. on his depth finder, at the edge of the hole. Meanwhile, the girls on Interim's skiff watched Dave and the fish through their 'looky buckets' (buckets with clear plastic bottoms...the easy and dry way to snorkel).

For more information on Abaco's blue holes, click HERE.

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  1. Where is this blue hole in relation to snake cay? (ie once I get to snake cay, how do I find the blue hole?). Many thanks!