Sunday, February 26, 2012

Outside, Looking In

Here in Hope Town Harbour, we spend most of our time on the inside, looking out. Even when we go boating out in the Sea of Abaco, it's still considered to be 'inside'. Yesterday we changed all that for a few hours when we were outside, looking in. The light westerly wind was perfect for carrying the kayak over the sand dune and kayaking in the ocean. It was so much in the lee that there was barely a ripple breaking on the beach. That made it even easier to get into the kayak without waves washing over us.

Once out on the water, we paddled about half a mile out to the outer reef, weaving our way around the shallow inner reef. We could really distinguish the dark colored coral heads, and at times the tops of them would come out of the water in the trough of the small swells.

This is what Hope Town looks like coming from the ocean, but almost impossible to get there with all the reefs. No wonder 'wrecking' (or wracking as it was also called) was such a popular pastime and occupation before the lighthouse was built!

Back near shore we kayaked past East Point, which is the easterly most point of the island, and the elbow part that Elbow Cay is named after.

On the south side of East Point there is a nice swimming hole and the water is crystal clear.

We couldn't resist taking a quick swim, once we got back to the beach. The 75 degree water didn't feel too bad, especially since it is February. Not only just February though, it was our 34th wedding anniversary too! What a great day to look back and remember all the many things we have done in those years, and how lucky we are to be able to live the lifestyle we do.

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