Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The new marina and resort here in Hope Town is progressing along quite nicely. It has been interesting watching the barges come and go with building materials, equipment, and even trees. One night, we heard the inter-island freight boat come in after dark, which seemed really strange. It pulled up to the marina's seawall and shut off its engine, but kept its generator going. All the Harbour Rats were really wondering what was going on until the next morning, when we discovered that the pool was filled with water! There must have been a huge fresh water tank down in the hold, and the generator that we heard was the pump to transfer it into the pool.


And after!

Sunday is the only day that workers aren't present, so it was a great day to explore the premises.

Chairs, tables, and umbrellas have arrived to be used in the pool and bar area.

Pretty woodwork in the bar.

Kitchen equipment arrives.

More landscaping is ready to be planted.

It will take a lot of power to support this resort and marina. Looks like a bunch of spaghetti right now.

The view of New Horizon, out in the harbor, from the docks.

Here's a test for you. What's wrong with the above picture? Hint...look at the sailboat in front of New Horizon. It is backwards, caught on its mooring lines. This happens periodically when boaters run over the lines and the buoy lines get caught on the rudder or worse, the propeller, which could cut it. All you can do is put another line from the boat to the mooring to take the pressure off, and remove the lines. The boat in the picture also put an anchor down. If they had let the stern line go and were just on the anchor line, they would have run into us. Luckily that didn't happen.

While exploring the marina and boatyard next door, we came across two new moorings that are ready to be dropped into place in the harbor. You can see that they are large concrete blocks with chain through them, and then lines attached to that.

There's still plenty of work to be done at the new resort, and I have a feeling that we will be watching its progress for quite some time.

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