Friday, March 2, 2012

Dog Day Afternoon

Yesterday was a perfect day for a VBIC (Very Brief Informal Cruise) to Johnny's Cay, just outside of Hope Town. There were about 20 of us that brought our dinghies and skiffs out to the little out-island for a picnic.

Notice how the trees have been damaged from Irene, but the foliage has returned.

Dave and Bill refine their Abaco Dinghy sailing skills. Always be ready to duck when that low boom swings over your head! No wonder Sam has named this boat 'Nothin's Easy'.

Best of all, I think that the dogs enjoyed being on this island the most.

Penny (and her owner Chris) from ChrisDeke enjoying the sun.

Miniature or toy poodles make great boating dogs, and there are several in the harbor. They don't shed, love the water, and are very friendly. I don't have a picture of Belinda B's Pete, but he is our favorite and loves everyone. He recently went blind, but that hasn't stopped him from going to the beach. He seems to have adapted really fast. Ankers Away now have a gorgeous reddish brown poodle, that loves the beach so much, they have named their dinghy 'Rusty's Boat'.

Another one of my favorite dogs to watch is a yellow lab named Rudder. His owner Sid, never goes out in any of boats without the dog. He even races his Abaco Dinghy with Rudder as crew.

This is Simon from Interim, a Westie. He's getting on in age, but is still really spunky. Although he loves to go to the beach, he doesn't get to go very often because he has too much fun in the sand.

Speaking of sand...what is that thing?

It's actually golden retriever Schooner from Spirit, making herself smell really good by rolling in an old sponge.

Mark and Kim telling Schooner it's time for a bath!

Seeing the fun the dogs were having made us really wish we had one again, but it's "not in the cards" right now with our lifestyle and my allergies. Oh well, after seeing Schooner's condition, maybe it's best to enjoy everyone else's pets and leave the cleaning to them!

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