Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Like Clockwork

It's a been a busy few days. We thought that we would be able to do some exploring around Green Turtle Cay with our skiff, but unfortunately the wind picked up. It made us stick to working on New Horizon, which was a good thing. Both the dinghy and skiff were flushed out with fresh water, greased, and decommissioned before we even made it to the storage yard. Everything we did with all the boats put us ahead of schedule, making the final hauling out and closing up of the boat more leisurely. It wasn't too leisurely for the poor yard crew who had to pressure wash the growth off the bottom of the boat though, but they take it all in stride. It took almost 2 1/2 hours to haul, pressure wash, and block up New Horizon. Timing was perfect, since it was lunchtime by the time they finished, and I gave them three large bags full of all my leftover food supplies to take home with them (I always wonder how many bottles of condiments these guys must have from all us cruisers).

Today we locked the doors and headed out on the 9 A.M. ferry to Treasure Cay, where a taxi met us and brought us to the airport. Our plane arrived early, so we left early and the flight back was very scenic. Dave sat in the co-pilot seat, his favorite spot. We followed all the little islands northwest, including Carters, Double Breasted, Grand, Walkers, and Great Sale Cays. We saw many boats in the anchorages, plus even more sailing back west heading towards a gulf stream crossing. Flying is so much easier and faster, and we don't have to wait for a calm weather window!

Now we have done a quantum leap to Daytona, and will spend a couple of weeks with my family here. Although it figures that it turned calm in the Abacos as soon as we departed, at least it is going to be 85 degrees here over the next few days. The Honda Helix motorcycle is waiting for us to go exploring and Mom has a gorgeous pool to swim in. Life is good and we're ready to be land dwellers again!

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