Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not So Bright Side

The beginning of the end of a great weather period. Talk about "March coming in like a lion?!" This year it certainly was true. It was very ominous as the cold front approached and at one point looked like a waterspout was forming.

It all dissipated though, and we were left with gray skies and lots of wind. For the past two days it has been blowing at least 25-35 m.p.h., with many higher gusts. The noises all the boats make around us is amazing, and especially the sailboats with 'stow away' sails. These are sails that furl up into the masts, but the slots where they roll up, howl and whine in the breeze. Then New Horizon itself is swinging around wildly on her nice safe mooring lines, but the waves make it rock, and then jump up and down. Today it's like living in one of those 'bouncy bounce' kids playhouses.

The bad weather came at a good time though, because both Dave and I have been sick. We have come down with what is 'fondly'(HA!) called the Hope Town Grunge or Crud, an upper respiratory virus. It has spread like wild fire through the islands, but unfortunately this 'fire' isn't doused quickly. Average recuperation is 3 weeks. I don't think anyone has gotten over it without going on antibiotics and/or prednisone. Gee, now Hope Town really is living up to its nickname 'Hollywood', with half the people hyped up on steroids! I can be included in that bunch because my asthma is an issue. I have to admit that I caught it first, 10 days ago, and Dave started in 2 days ago. Living on a boat with two coughing, blowing, sneezing people is not fun when we do it at different intervals. We just can't get away from each other. Sometimes we do it in unison which is much better!

No one wants to hear about all that though, and we just say, "this too shall pass." For now it's blowin' a hooley and I better go out check the mooring and dinghy lines!

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