Sunday, April 1, 2012

Deja Vu

It seems like we just attended the car show at the Daytona Speedway, and yet it was back in November. Yesterday we did it all over again with the spring version of the Turkey Run. Maybe they should have called it the ham run, since it's almost Easter!

This car show was quite a bit smaller than the one in the fall, but that was okay since we got to see more vehicles. The strange thing was that there seemed to be more cars in the car corral than there were in the main display section, but that added lots of diversity. Plus, all the cars for sale in the corral keeps people dreaming of one day being a proud owner.

Our favorite for the day was this radical Ford Pinto. Pintos bring us back to our humble beginnings when we first got married. I used to drive one with a huge hole in the floor, that I had to lift my feet up when I went through puddles. Our cars certainly weren't like this one that was complete with wheelie bars...all for sale for $13,500.

Then there was this 'chopped' VW Thing with motorcycle exhaust. Now THAT is being diverse.

How about a T-bucket with its own hauler to match?

How low can you go? Low riders seemed to be popular at the event.

One mean looking Caddy.

These VWs are a surfer's dream.

It's all about the details.

Gotta love the mannequins 'glassed'into the trailer! Dave thought they were real people at first.

Does anyone want to help these people with their problem?

Seeing all these street rods made us want to go back to Glenville to drive our own car that has been hibernating for the winter in the garage. Pretty soon it be will time to wake up the '39 Plymouth.

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