Monday, May 28, 2012

Hot Stuff

Our first Rally in the Woods was a hot one, in more ways than one. First of all, John's antique stove worked great for cooking all the hot dogs and hamburgers.

It even worked great for heating up our new branding iron!

The attendees were hot stuff too. Here's Jeff being the Chinaman, which is what we call his 'diverse' motorcycle too.

Guest appearance by our very own Jethro Tull, aka Brian.

Who is this hot dude?

As always, Sara was hot, hot, hot, too! "These boots are made for...riding!"

Sharon came all the way from Toronto to join in the fun and become a Pink Lady. She and Pepe even rode a motorcycle for the very first time.

Time to cool off with a ride in the woods.

First stop was at the 'Den of Antiquities' to view our two latest aquisitions. This is a 1919 light plant engine. It was used at a girls camp on an island at Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks. Some day it may even run again (the Ford 555 has precedence, followed by the Bayliner though!)

Then we couldn't resist this 1928 copper washing machine. My mother even remembers using the wringer on one like this, back when she was a child.

It was so hot and dry that it was even too dusty for dirtball. Trail riding was the way to keep the breeze in our faces. The riding really heated up towards the end of the day until Jimmy crashed his ATV into a tree and ended up fracturing two ribs. Get well soon Jim, and we're working on a great memorial plaque for you. Both you and Sara will go down in history!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

After All These Years

Thanks to John for donating this early 1900's stove, and Dave's ingenuity for making it work!

The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken...."Bring on the soup, and bake me some bread!"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Here We Go Again

Time for the engine to come back out of Hercules, the Ford 555.

He may be smiling now, but let's see if the grin remains as the project progresses!

If all goes well, perhaps the Bayliner will be next?

Only time will tell. The summer up here seems way too short.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Day...

....another tractor!

If we waited much longer, we would need a sickle bar and hay rake to mow the dandelion field in Ticonderoga.

Just when I thought spring has sprung, I'm back in winter trim. My face reflects how happy I am. Ha!

Oh well, the grass waits for no one, as do the rest of our projects, so it's time to carry on. By the end of the summer, maybe I will have all the controls on the machines figured out!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

"You Are What You Play"

DIRTBALL! That's our new game invention, that you can play by hand or by foot. By hand is more exercise (my back is sore today. HA!), but by foot requires more concentration, coordination, two wheels and a motor.

Both ways are a blast and added more diversion to our already fun trail rides.

Next we're going to work on putting on a motorcycle rodeo. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Fog

We took a trip north to Ticonderoga to check on the house and try to mow the lawn, which is now a hay field. Unfortunately it rained, so mowing was out of the question. Then the fog rolled in, giving Lake George an eery quiet that was quite beautiful.

This the view from the Hague Town Beach. Lake George is looming in the fog.

The Ti house was fine and the cellar dry, but the whole place was really cold from still being winterized with no heat. That meant it was time to continue our road trip, so we headed to the newly completed Crown Point bridge over southern Lake Champlain.

It was great travelling over the bridge that we watched being built, especially the huge center span.

We completed our loop through Vermont and Whitehall, ending up back at the Northway. What a perfect day for a full circle tour.