Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pink Rules the Water Again

Finally the conditions were right for kayaking, all the while poor Dave was working.

I wanted to stay close to home, so I ended up at nearby Ballston Lake. It felt so good to be floating and paddling in my pink kayak again. However, this is a muddy and weedy lake and I'm not used to the brown color water.

In a search to find out exactly how long the lake is, I found this interesting information from Wikipedia:
"Ballston Lake, a narrow, 3.7-mile (6.0 km)-long lake in the south of the region, was called "Shanantaha" by natives. It was known to early white settlers as Long Lake. The lake was part of the Mohawk River during the glacial age and archeological digs have unearthed artifacts indicating settlement around the lake as early as 3,500 BCE."

There used to be lots of small camps on the lake, but it seems like most have been replaced by huge all-season houses. Gorgeous mansion under construction:

This one had 'every toy in the book', and a toy hauler too.

At least I did get to see some bird life in the bulrushes. Besides the usual ducks and geese, this heron was ready to pounce on an unsuspecting fish.

Then I snapped a photo of, what I think is a phoebe, hovering over the lilypads, ready to grab some insects for lunch.

Definitely a great first outing of the season!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Resurrection

Today was the day of the resurrection. Finally, Hercules lives on and runs once again!

Earlier in the day Kevin, our diesel specialist prepared the engine for transport out to the shed, then Dave used the counter weight of the chipper, to bring it out for the installation into the frame.

Here they are, hard at work, but the big question is if this crank is the right one this time so it will run?

It was a tense moment and Bob, who stopped by to help, and I had our fingers and toes crossed. It must have helped, because after two cranks of the ignition, it fired right up. Problem, what problem?

The running was short lived when a hose broke, but that's just a minor issue. We still have three happy mechanics, especially the one in the middle!

Time to get back to work Herc!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It Takes All Kinds

Spring wouldn't be the same without our annual trip to the Gallupville Gas Up. If it's antique or classic and runs on gas, it's on display there.

There are even a few things that didn't run on gas, like these manual corn huskers.

Or these oxen that run on hay!

These saws worked great!

Barn Fresh

Even Mater loves tractor tipping.

Nice displays of electrics, washers, and water pumps.

Here are a few more items that we hadn't seen at other Gas-Ups.

What a gorgeous replica model, in full detail.

This is the way to check out the whole show in style.

I wouldn't mind adding this to our collection. Shhhh...don't tell Dave!

Footnote: To see last year's Gas Up post, click HERE

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Irony

Our yard is becoming more 'ironic' every day. We were missing one crucial piece to our collection, so Dave put a wanted ad on Craig's List for the elusive double plow we craved. It took a while (several people wrote back with outrageous prices), but we finally got the right answer, and the dream plow found us. Not only that, more items found their way to our our collection, thanks to father and son owners, Chuck and Brian.

Iron-Man Dave moves the double plow around to its new home.

The sickle bar.

Iron-Maiden. "Where's my horse?" Hope the No.4 BIG on the wheel hub doesn't apply to me!

When Brian (who even agreed to deliver the plow and a sickle bar) arrived, he had brought us two gifts. First, this beautiful and huge single plow. It looks like a gigantic CQR plow anchor for a boat.

Then he gave me this small manual rototiller that even rolls and works (great for dandelion removal!), which he believed was used in the potato fields. I love this piece...and so do the rabbits.

Jim R. and I gave Brian the tour of our yard and collection, and he invited us out to Esperence to see the other items at his and his father's barn.

Yesterday we took Brian's offer up and stopped there on our way back from the annual Gallupville Gas-Up antique tractor, truck, and car show. We also met Brian's father, Chuck, who gave us the grand tour of not only his barn and equipment, but also his whole property (140 acres). Chuck helped Dave load up a cultivator we bought, while Brian runs the tractor.

You couldn't ask for nicer, more accomodating people than these two, and Brian even said that if we didn't like anything he brought us, he would come back and get if that's going to happen with us? Ha! "What arrives at the Pashley Ranch, stays at the Pashley Ranch!"

Here's what our obituary will probably end with... "Loved to not only collect motorcycles and boats, but also iron and antique farm equipment. Memorial service at 8:45 A.M., estate sale immediately following service."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Catching Up

Yes, this blog still exists! I know it has been quite awhile since I have posted anything, but we have been busy with every day happenings. Here are some highlights from the past several weeks.

I have been helping build a new website for the sailing club, which is quite a feat. The old software is apparently outdated, and we have to change everything over to the new set-up by August. It is different from the blogs that I am used to working with, and very frustrating at times. Then suddenly there will be a breakthrough, so I keep working until my eyes feel like they are going to fall out of my head. Gee, I work on three websites, all a bit different...just like the three tractors that I drive! Maybe I'm not so uncoordinated after all.

I can't believe that a month has gone by and my mother is already back home in Daytona. The weather wasn't very good while she was here, but when we could get out and do yard work, we made up for lost time. Besides planting annuals, we removed almost all the old ferns from the front of the house, pulling them up by their deep seated roots. Then we planted lots of perennials in their place, and layed down red mulch to match the roof. What an improvement, and I've wanted to do this project for so long. Thanks Mom! Now I have to keep all our cute but pesky rabbits, woodchucks, and deer from munching on the plants. They have already tasted and love the hosta.

My sister Sue, and her husband Len, came to visit over the Memorial Day Weekend, and it was wonderful spending time with them. It was fun taking rides around the property in the horse cart and showing them everything we have done in the past couple of years, which is how long it has been since we have been together. While the family was together, we took the opportunity to visit several other of our relatives.

Cousin Mary, Uncle Don, Mom, and Sue.

Fooling around with Aunt Anne and Uncle Ken.

Here are some photos of my Uncle Ken's fantastic workshop. All the whirly-gigs work!

This past Saturday was the much anticipated antique and classic motorcycle show and swap meet at Rhinebeck, and it figures that it drizzled rain most of the day. I was going to go, but opted out with the dreary weather. Lisa, John, and Dave head out with their Honda CL90, Honda CL100, and Honda 305 that Dave rigged up as a police bike.

I wanted to put a sign on the trailer saying "Rhinebeck or bust!" John also brought along two classic bicycles to try and sell, but no takers. He brought them back for Dave's museum, but Dave fixed up the girl's bike for me to cruise the neighborhood. It is a quality Schwinn bike, but an ugly color, so we now affectionately call it 'Brown Betty'. Please go easy on my knees Betty.

At the swap meet, Dave found this three wheel bicycle that he wants to motorize. How to get it back to the trailer? Tow it, with the red light flashing! Note the cool copper fire extinguisher in the basket.

We finally spent two whole nights at the house in Ticonderoga this past weekend. Juggling time and weather, we have only gone up there for a few hours at a time to get the yard mowed, until last Sunday and Monday. We even got out on the water via SeaDoo and kayak. Let the summer begin!

It has taken awhile to get the problem sorted out, but finally the company that sent the wrong crank for the Ford 555 backhoe, has shipped out another one that is hopefully correct. Looks pretty on the work bench.

Now all Dave needs is the time to get it installed and see if Hercules will run again.

Today was another milestone with the arrival of the new wood chipper!

This machine will have its work cut out for it with all the downed limbs and trees in the woods, especially since Irene roared through last fall.

Here is a rare sight....Dave (or any man, for that matter) reading the directions!

Last, but certainly not least, is our growing collection of antiques and iron farm equipment. I think it's a great pastime, and we have the perfect yard for it...well, as long as Dave doesn't come home with something this big!

More 'iron' to follow in the next post!