Sunday, October 14, 2012

One Last Time

Yesterday was our last Rally in the Woods trail ride of the season, and it was our best ever! The day started out cold with very heavy frost. At least it wasn't snow, like last year.

The sun came out, and between that and our eternal flame fire (embers were still burning from our last ride two weeks ago!), we kept warm and it was a spectacular fall day.

Trying to find the trails was a bit difficult with the falling leaves though.

Dr. Jan brought his tractor and turned the party into a Raking in the Woods event.

There was something for everyone to ride, most of it vintage.

The family that rides together, stays together. All these 4 Hondas belong to Kenny, Kerstin, Tim, and Tyler. A pair of XL 125's and a pair of Honda Trail 90's make up their herd.

Even Kerstin went out for a blast around the trails. Tyler looks at his parents with concern, wondering how they did trail riding.

Sara joined Eileen and daughter Erica on the Yamaha Blasters to celebrate Erica's first time riding.

Vintage riders and classic motorcycles. Bob (Kawasaki G5-100), Dave (Harley Davidson SX 175) and Karl (Suzuki RV 125) are all on 1975 bikes.

Jeff and Marie really enjoyed cruising on MARIE'S four wheeler.

As always, the Farmall was at the ready for rides. It was another family affair day, and first Dave took John and Michelle and kids out.

Then Kevin took his whole family for a specially narrated tour by Brian. The passengers are still wondering if his stories were really true or not. We'll never tell...

Andy M. made the day extra special by playing good ol' classic Rock 'n' Roll music.

John accompanied him with his 'air drums'.

Air drumming our fire-tender, Jimmy's head.

All the potluck food was delicious, and Chef John served up tasty hotdogs, sausage, and burgers from his early 1900's antique stove. Would you like Kevin's meat sauce with your dog?

Bob couldn't resist presenting John with a can of Monkey Butt powder to keep him more comfortable while riding ( a joke between us all). He probably could have used it, slaving at the stove all day!

Time to get sentimental. Dave made his farewell speech to Bob, who is moving to Florida. This ride was to honor our long time friend of 40 years.

We will really miss him!

Who are these characters? Obviously one is our own Super Hero Fly-Man! We really need our own reality show (leave a comment if you can come up with a good name for our show)!

12 hours of great food, riding, music and especially friends. It doesn't get better than this!

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