Friday, November 23, 2012


New Horizon now sits blissfully moored in the middle of  famous Hope Town Harbour. So far there haven't been too many other boats arriving, although that will soon change.

 At first glance you wouldn't know that there had been a hurricane just about a month ago. There are some brown trees and barren spots, but that happened because there was no rain to wash the salt away after the storm. It is really amazing how quickly the island has been picked up, especially getting rid of all the sand that came in. Streets in the settlement had to be shoveled off and we have even found sand stuck to the eaves of the sailing club.

There were a couple of boats that broke their mooring lines and washed ashore in the harbour. 

This sailboat even lost its wing keel (sitting at the water's edge next to it).

The biggest issue though, is the beach erosion. Dunes were eroded back. Protective walls were washed away.

Decks have been exposed.

Some decks are just hanging over the beach .

This stairway even had the sand washed away past its concrete footings.

This jacuzzi was left precariously balancing on the edge.
The relentless pounding of the surf during these storms continues to wear away the beach and dunes. Let's just hope that there won't be any more hurricanes for many years to come!

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