Sunday, November 18, 2012

Back In The Saddle Again

Make that "back on water skis again!" Dave had no problem getting up on his slalom ski and getting a good work out on the Sea of Abaco. I had a good work out too, trying to drive the boat, figure out which side of the boat Dave was on in case he fell (not likely!), and take a few photos.

After this morning's exercise, we stopped for a bit of beachcombing.

Here are the treasures found today:

This is the south end of Green Turtle Cay looking out towards the ocean and No Name Cay.

We had run the bow of the skiff up on the beach, knowing that the tide was rising (the tides have been quite extreme the past few days).

As I turned around at the end of the island, I saw that the tide had come up so high that the bow had floated off. Thankfully I had insisted that Dave throw out a stern anchor before we left the boat. At the time I thought it would keep the stern from getting beached from a wake. Little did I know we would almost be swimming back from the beach.

In the distance we could see a barge and crane anchored off of No Name Cay. We went to investigate and found that the tug next to the barge had sunk.

Several people were on board and it looked like they were attempting to raise it with large airbags.

With the tide so high, we ventured into the natural harbor on uninhabited No Name Cay. This must be what Black Sound looked like to the Loyalists who discovered Green Turtle Cay.

Exploring the mangrove shoreline, we found one tiny spot where we could actually see through the mangroves to the ocean.

We couldn't resist securing the skiff and winding our way through the mangroves to the small ocean beach.

This is such a rugged island. No wonder it has never been developed. Note the huge piles of seaweed left from the hurricane.

What a perfect way to start our winter explorations! We're "back in the saddle" in more ways than one.

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