Sunday, January 6, 2013

How Many Cannons?

During our three days of calmness, we went out to the wreck of the Adirondack. The snorkeling conditions couldn't have been better. There was a bit of a long swell, but it just reminded us that we were in the ocean, not a pool or lake.

We had two skiffs out on the wreck area. Barry and Barb (Beach Cruiser) with Paul and Sue (Odyssey) in one, and we brought along our new very enthusiastic friends John and Sally (Liliana). Dave and I give a thumbs up as we take the plunge into the crystal clear blue water.

Since the last time we were on the remains of the ship, that is strewn over a wide area of the bottom, more pieces have become visible. Hurricane Sandy must have washed some of the sand away revealing more treasures to see. We anchored right on top of our first of many cannons.

Dave claimed this one for his own.

It was fun just watching the little fish going in and out of the mouth of the cannon.
This we are presuming is part of a boiler. 

I dove down and checked out this huge ship's hawse pipe.  

These small Bermuda Chubs followed me around.

Looking off into the blue abyss I could see yet another cannon (hard to see in the distance).

Dave found this connecting rod next to, SURPRISE, another cannon.

We found a total of eight for each of us that ventured out on this special day.

How often can you just leisurely hang out in the ocean?  It definitely doesn't get better than this!! 

Footnote: For more information on the Adirondack click HERE.

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