Saturday, January 19, 2013


We just returned to Man-O-War after an overnight BIC (Brief Informal Cruise) to Great Guana Cay with the Hope Town Sailing Club. It's always hard to leave the security of the mooring, but once we're out on the open water, even for a short time, it feels good to be moving and hear those Yanmar engines working so well.

It takes about an hour and half to get to Guana and we were the first of the club to arrive in Settlement Harbour. Even Sparky was dressed to impress with his HTSC glass in paw, cigar in mouth, and showing off his real Panama hat (look familar Barry?).

 Our sunset that evening was spectacular!

Then it was on to the dinner party at Grabber's.What a fine time and good meal. I have no idea how Irene, our one and only waitress, took care of all our 28 people.

 Love the pool and I heard it was warm.

Three Harbour Rats in uniform proving that Pink Ladies Rule, even in the Abacos!

I think it was past someone's bedtime! 

When we got back to our boat, the wind had picked up and the boats were rocking and rolling from the waves coming in and hitting the rocks in the sunset picture. This set up a surge from the reflection, even though we were protected from the wind. It was a bit uncomfortable, but back in our aft cabin it wasn't too bad for sleeping, although occasionally the swim platform would smack the water (Lynette, I bet you are thinking we pitch-poled all night! :-) ). In the morning, the sunrise was pink and we woke to the freight boat Legacy unloading goods at the dock. This is the sistership to the Legend that we came across the Gulf Stream on a few years ago.

After another hour and half of motoring, we were safely back on our mooring at MOW. For several hours after we entered the calm harbor, I still felt like I was surging and the boat wasn't even moving.  Now we'll just let the wind blow, since the waves won't affect us here.

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