Friday, January 25, 2013

OutRAGEous News

The Abaco Rage is making history. Not only did it win its first ever HTSC race this week, but we just received an email saying that the Rage has been chosen to be Miss January 2014 in the Wooden Boat Calendar. Last March, famous photographer Benjamin Mendlowitz was out shooting photos during one of the races, and now the Rage has made the cut and will be featured in next year's calendar. Go Rage!

(These two winning race day photos are courtesy of Josh Whetzel from MOW)

In case you are wondering, yes, Dave was part of the crew on the day that the calendar photos were taken (we have not seen them yet, so it will be a surprise for us too). In fact Dave was the one that approached the photographer after the race and asked him who he was (we can always use good pictures for the Rage Blog and HTSC website). Be sure to get a copy of the calendar later this year when they become available. Then you can make the Rage & Dave even more famous than they already are. :-)

Footnote: We have heard about how cold it is up north and hope seeing that the crew in the photos are wearing jackets makes you feel just a little bit better! We hope you are staying warm and are thinking of you all. This sub-zero weather will be a test to see if we winterized our houses properly!

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