Saturday, January 5, 2013

Water Water Everywhere

And we have been in it a lot! Since we arrived in Man-O-War, there has barely been a breath of wind and the ocean has been as calm as it gets. For three days in a row we have been out snorkeling. Two of the days we went to Fowl Cay National Park with friends Barb and Barry. The water clarity was superb with just a slight swell coming in. It was so calm that we sat there feeding the fish bits of bread and had quite a fish frenzy going until Barry-cuda showed up.

This is what Barry looks like from below. Pretty big compared to the size of our skiff in the background. 

I followed HIM back to the boat.

Dave glides along the top of the reef.

Lots of fish and and coral.

These blue tangs are my favorite and they let us get right in the middle of them.
Dave found these horse-eye jacks swimming in vortex and it reminded us of the fish in Finding Nemo.

Check back soon for our underwater adventure of a lifetime!

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