Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ladies' Man

 Yesterday was another historical day, when Dave led the inaugural HTSC Ladies Sunfish Sail Fest. This event, which was spearheaded by Aletha, one of the members who wanted to get more women out sailing, turned out to be more successful than anyone anticipated. It all started with Dave giving a clinic for the beginners. I never knew he was such a good teacher!

Then it was out to Nathan's Beach on the Sea of Abaco. Conditions could not have been better with sunny skies and 10 mph of breeze. 12 enthusiastic ladies showed up to participate in either club Sunfish or their own (that their husbands usually race) and by the way they sailed, you would never know this wasn't a real race! These women are competitive!

Everyone sailed great and only one boat flipped, by Di Hunter, who is 83 years old! Her life jacket inflated as she hit the water and all she did was laugh. The chase boats righted her boat and she completed the course in a fashion that only Di can.
 Her comment at the end was that she always wanted a bigger chest. Here she is trying to blow it up some more, and Dave helps!

The non-competitive (HA!) race went from the beach and around Parrot Cays and back to the beach, ending with the first person (Sharon) grabbing the Hope Town flag and then each woman handing it off to the next that arrived.

It was so much fun, and one of my favorite parts was seeing the husbands and boyfriends helping out and beaming with pride at what the women accomplished.

 As for me, Sunfish and I don't mesh too well, so I would rather be taking photos, riding in the chase boat, awarding the finishers with chocolate cookies, and cheering on these amazing women! What an accomplishment for them all, including my incredible husband!

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