Monday, February 4, 2013

Then There Was One

Me! Thank you Carol and Bill on Interim for my new found independence! Now I can can go where I want to, not where Dave steers me to in our double kayak. When he has projects, you'll find me floating and exploring.

 I like this kayak better than my single kayaks up north. It tracks straighter, especially in higher winds, which is a big plus here in Abaco in the winter. This photo was taken with the famous Albury's Sail Shop at MOW in the background. Thumbs up for a great first single paddling adventure.
Since that day I have been out almost daily. Now it's time to grab my paddle and go out again. As someone recently wrote to me, "See you on the sea!"


  1. I'm planning to buy a single kayak so I can paddle around the harbor. Do you like that "sit in" model more than the "sit atop" ones?

  2. Yes Mary, I much prefer the sit in kayaks. You will love being able to kayak around Boot Key Harbor whenever you want, and especially fun when the dolphins are in there! Maybe they will have kayaks to rent in Hawaii too. Have fun!

  3. It is great to see all this kayaking going on in the Abacos. We have two of the sit on top and find them perfect for people with knee problems because it is easy on and easy off. The kayaks take the winter winds really well so far, with our rule that we go out against the winds and back with them. We have been all over the place with the kayaks and so far, so good. You probably want to try both kinds out before deciding.