Saturday, February 16, 2013

Up The Ways

In Green Turtle Cay, when New Horizon is hauled out of the water, it is done by a travel lift and raised up with large slings attached around the boat's hull. Here at Edwin's Boatyard in Man-O-War, they haul out boats by railway, with a cable attached to a trolley and the frame work that surrounds the boat that is being hauled out. We watched the whole procedure as one of the ferries needed to come out of the water for engine and hull work (Donnie IX is one of 12 boats that ferries passengers from island to island in the Abacos).

Before it entered the framework, wood blocks were put where the hull would rest and be supported. One of the boatyard crew used a looky bucket (bucket with glass in the bottom) in a skiff, to watch and see if the placement was right. Occasionally a diver is needed to go in the water to adjust the supports.

 Then it was pushed and pulled to be in just the right position, with yard foreman Keith directing his crew where to make adjustments.

Finally the boat was in just the right spot and the engine that runs the trolley hoist was fired up, dragging it up the ways.

 No time was wasted and immediately work commenced with ladders for access placed next to the boat.

What an interesting mooring place we have had the past six weeks, especially being able to watch all the activity at this busy boatyard!

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