Monday, March 11, 2013


The Bahamas are experiencing rage conditions the past few days due to very large swells in the ocean. As they pass over the reefs they break and become very turbulent, making the water turbid. The same thing happens in the passes between the islands where the ocean meets the Sea of Abaco. When the waves 'feel' the bottom as they approach the shallower water, they start to break. Right now it is quite dynamic with breakers across all the passes and no one can get though safely. The ocean waves are also quite impressive on the beach (especially yesterday), and at low tide the coral was sticking up out of the water at low tide and was getting pounded with waves breaking on the reef. If you look way in the background of the photo below, taken yesterday at the Sunfish races (no, sorry that's not's Andrew, one of the hot shot sailors), that's not land or clouds you see, it's the waves breaking in the ocean. The surfers are loving it!

 Thanks Will for the great photo!

We've heard that it could be up to a week before the ocean calms down. Hopefully it won't take longer than that.The dreaded Whale Cay Passage looms in our near future as we wait to get to Green Turtle Cay for New Horizon's haul out date.

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