Monday, March 18, 2013

A Step In The Right Direction

Today the occupational therapists got Dave into a wheelchair, assisted him around the 4th floor where he is staying, and back into the room. This was the first he had been vertical since Friday morning. He handled it well, but of course you know Dave, he tried to do too much and it exhausted him. Then his fever spiked and he was not well for a little while until the pain meds kicked in again.  They did however stop his IV and stopped the oxygen (his oxygen level had been low).

His ortho doctor is fantastic and says that he should be able to leave in a couple of days. He's got a lot of work to do though to be able to transfer better and get up and about. The doctor also said that he will have total use of his left leg and right hand again (I told the dr. he was a mechanic and he said no wonder Dave was asking all these technical questions) I don't think he will be changing any tires on motorcycles anymore though and will not be able to work for quite sometime. He has a 13 X 38 cm Zimmer Nail in his thigh (closed with 26 staples) and the arm not only has a plate and screws, but also the tendon was torn and needed to be repaired.

I am extremely tired tonight so will end this post now. Please don't be upset if I don't answer your emails right away. Just know how much we appreciate all your thoughts, prayers, good wishes, and offers of help!!!! What an amazing bunch of friends and family we have. It still brings tears to our eyes.

Here is a photo of the flowers that Commodore Stafford and the crew of the Rage sent him. The back half is a huge fruit basket! Thank you so much!

Dave says goodnight....

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