Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Challenges to Come

It was another day of trying to transfer to the wheelchair and do a hot lap around the halls. He even got to shave, and the sweet occupational therapist washed his hair for him. Her name is Amy and she is from the Philippines. She keeps calling Dave Popeye the Sailor Man and walks into the room calling Toot Toot!

The doctor claims that Dave can be discharged tomorrow but he just doesn't have the stamina to do as many transfers as it will take to get him to Orlando and to Daytona. I am hoping for one more day. Plus we need to make the flight arrangements.

A friend from Hope Town who had a dentist appointment in Nassau this morning, stopped to bring us a few things, and it was great to see Rick's smiling face. He regaled us with funny stories about being a stowaway and it sure helped Dave to get a bit of energy back by having some different conversation besides just talking to me. By the time Rick left, the guys had their heads in the newspaper looking at ads for skiffs. I should have taken a picture. Rick even got to meet a lot of the staff including the doctor and he was so impressed. He kept thanking everyone for putting Dave back together again  for all of Hope Town and Elbow Cay.

So our big challenge is close upon us, and I may not be able to write again until after we are settled in Daytona. Wish us luck!

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  1. Hey Dave,
    Sorry about your sailing accident, Hope you are doing well
    We had abt 10 inches of snow today everything is white again
    Your neighbor
    Dave & Kathy Lewek