Saturday, March 16, 2013

Get Well Soon Dave

For all my followers that have not heard, Dave had a bad accident yesterday. He was helping a friend by going up his sailboat mast and a block broke and he fell 25 ft. to the deck. He was immediately taken care of by our famous Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue and rushed to Marsh Harbour on a backboard(Pictures will follow). Luckily he is alive and not paralyzed.  Dr. Hull was amazing and he had the ability to take X rays. His one leg that took the brunt of the fall, is about 4" shorter than his right one. He has a broken femur with the two pieces of bone next to each other. His right wrist/arm is also broken. He was then medivac'd to Nassau where we both are now. I am waiting for him to get out of surgery that will put a pin in his arm and rod in his thigh.

The outpouring of love an help from everyone both in Hope Town and the U.S.  has brought tears to my eyes and we can't thank you all enough. I don't know what our plans will be for recuperation until he is back in his room or tomorrow when the doctor comes in, but I will try and keep you posted.

Get Well Soon Dave!!

I know you will live up to the Press On regardless Award you just received at the Commodore's Dinner!

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  1. Sorry, for the accident....and we're sending all our love and well wishes to you both..If we can do ANYTHING at all don't hesitate to let us know. with love, THE ENTIRE THOMPSON CLAN!