Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's That Time

It's that time of year when the harbor fills up with charter boats and cruisers heading north from the Exumas. Hope Town is a flurry of activity and our internet connections are even worse than usual. I apologize in advance for not doing many posts, but sometimes I'm lucky to even get emails to go out.

With this many people around it's also a perfect time for Fundraising! Every island has their own fair, and flea markets are high on the list for fundraising events. Man-O-War's fair to benefit the school is one of the highlights of our season, and it's so strange to see this quiet island crowded with shoppers looking for a good deal. Hope Town recently had a rummage and Bake sale to benefit the Friends of Abaco Animals. It was a huge success.

 Dave and I volunteered to work at the Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue Fundraiser. Bill, Dave, and Jim were Grillmeisters while I assisted these ladies serving the side orders.

Today is Hope Town Heritage Day and the Wyannie Malone Museum is the focus of everyone's attention. Dave is helping to set up tents for vendors as I am writing this. We'll be bringing over the Abaco dinghies for the annual sculling competition too.

Then it's the time that we start preparing for the boat to be hauled out, which is fast approaching. Cleaning, stowing, and of course time to traverse the famous Whale Cay Passage. Once the sailing club's Commodore's dinner is held, we'll be looking for calm weather to head to Green Turtle Cay where the boats are stored for the summer. In three weeks we'll be back in Daytona! It's hard to believe that it's that time already!

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