Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ups and Downs

Today was a day of ups and downs, but I'm sure that's how the whole recovery will go. They moved Dave to yet another room and he is settling in. At least his snoring neighbor is gone and he can sleep (& I won't scream). All the staff is amazing and the food is awesome...believe it or not. Since neither one of us is very hungry and I have to cut up the food, I get to say, "one bite for you and one for me!" Actually I ate all his fresh turkey at lunch and half the mashed potatoes...& I don't like mashed potatoes, that's how good they were.

Dave's temp spiked but with blood loss, pain, and you can imagine what his body has gone through, that isn't unusual. They gave him something for it and a few hours later it was down and he was sweating and felt better.

So many get well wishes have been emailed to us and we are so grateful for all your support. More tomorrow and hopefully more good news so we will able to make plans. Stay Tuned!

 This photo came in from some of our Junior Sailors:

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