Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good News, Bad News

Today was Dave's ortho doctor's appointment. The good news is that his bones are healing nicely, and in the words of the doctor, he's healing like gangbusters!  Must be all the calcium, yogurt, and ice cream I have been pushing on him. Dave's knee is starting to bend more when the swelling is down and he has special exercises to do to keep it bending. Plus the words he really wanted to hear were said..."You can start to bear weight on your leg and begin to learn to walk again!" However in the next sentence, the doctor told him the bad news that one of the screws in his arm is starting to back out, so he will need to have more surgery. He should not do any weight bearing on the arm until it is healed (about a month) and then the plate and screws will be removed. He has to be very careful because it can cause nerve and tendon damage, and he has already been experiencing some pain recently. We do have the go-ahead to head back home, but we will really miss Dr. Martin and his staff.

So we will forge ahead with our plans to fly north on Friday. It's been a godsend to be able to recuperate here in Daytona and we can't thank my family enough, along with all our friends that stopped on their way through. Our friends up north are already rallying and have our house ready to move back into, with heat and water on and food in the fridge. We're ready for new challenges and anxious to get settled in and see everyone!

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