Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'm Back!

I'm really glad to be back with Dave and Mom, after getting New Horizon and the two skiffs ready for summer storage. Thanks go out to many friends who helped me with the preparations!

I even took a bit of time to go out and watch part of the last sailing club race of the season, and was so glad to have been there to witness the Abaco Rage earn the title of Boat of the Year! What a celebration that was!

Yesterday was really interesting, as I tried getting back to Daytona. It was a worse case scenario when I woke to thunderstorms. I did make it to Marsh Harbour on the ferry and my 7 seater plane was only about an hour late. Skirting around more rain and storms, our little plane had a bumpy ride (the girl next to me was throwing up!). I was so glad to see Dave waiting for me when I exited the U.S. Customs area at the airport! A delicious surprise awaited us when we arrived back at Mom's. Arlyne and Charlie had sent an edible fruit arrangement and we were so hungry we ate almost a third of it (including all the huge awesome chocolate covered strawberries!).

Unfortunately Dave had a bit of a setback when he developed a fever today. His bad leg is swollen again and his good leg has cramps. I think he did a bit too much while I was away, but I also think he is having a reaction from the cholesterol lowering statins he is taking. This happened once before. After some Motrin and a long nap he felt better, and luckily he has a doctor's appointment on Monday. Dave has come to the conclusion that his recuperation will take longer than he anticipated, and since the weather up home is still quite cold, we will continue the recovery process here in Daytona. We have consulted with the airline about our reservations previously made for April 9th, and they are waiving all penalties for changing the date. All we have to do is pay the difference between what we already paid and the cost of the new tickets at the going rate when we make new reservations. Plus they said they will help with wheelchairs and assistance any way we need it. That is a relief.

More rest and recuperation is on the agenda for the next couple of days and we'll see what plans are in store for the near future. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi...Dave. been trying to post for days. Tech probs my end. Sorry bout your fall! Like to help anyway you need. Call me when you get home. David PORTZER 518-610-1447.