Friday, April 26, 2013

Rest and Heal

I think that Dave is getting tired of hearing "rest and heal." We haven't been in the pool as much as we would have liked, because the weather has been cooler than normal. On nice days like yesterday the pool water temperature struggles to reach 75 degrees. It's good to keep the swelling down in his leg though.

We have had several cruising friends northbound from the Bahamas stop at the marina to visit and see how Dave is progressing. It has been wonderful for us both to see you all!

Tuesday is the day we find out from the doctor, what the next plan of action is. Hopefully he will be healed enough to start physical therapy and begin to walk again. Today is the six week anniversary of the fateful accident day, and even though recovery seems to be going slowly, he certainly has come a long way since his fall.

One week from today we will be traveling back home. In a way it will be great to be back, but then again we will have many new challenges to overcome. Until that time though, we will continue having some excursions (I should rename them exertions) and water therapy when possible. Then when he's resting with his leg elevated, he's not napping, he's healing!

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