Friday, May 24, 2013

Conflicting Reports

Contrary to what the doctor in Daytona said about one of the screws backing out of the plate in Dave's arm, this latest doctor here in upstate NY, says that the screws and plate are fine and no surgery is needed. He feels that Dave needs to work through the pain, and to go to a specialized physical therapist. We are confused with such conflicting reports and are working on getting a second and possibly a third opinion (or would that make it a 3rd & 4th opinion?). The pain is still bad after 9 weeks and he says he can feel all that metal in him. The good news is that although Dave's femur is not completely healed, it is doing well, and he can do whatever he is able to do. The pain and swelling dictate where and when he has to quit (plus he still tires easily). He was given special exercises to do to strengthen and limber up his leg. Stay tuned for more news and hopefully more firsts.

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