Sunday, May 12, 2013

What Is This?

Does anyone care to guess what this hairy rock really is? You have to have a good eye or a good imagination, but it's actually a moose next to a boulder! We drove up to the house in Ticonderoga and were coming down the Rt. 8 mountain into Hague when we saw this moose in a marsh right next to the road. I yelled, "STOP, I have my camera with me!" and Dave backed up to see if it was still there. Unfortunately it was heading into the woods and this was the only shot I could take.Too bad, because we have always wanted to see a wild moose, but never thought it would be on a road we travel quite often.

Once we got to Ti, we started charging up batteries and I mowed the lawn. Our flowers were in full bloom and the lilac bush was spectacular.

Even my favorite bleeding heart plant had grown larger than the planter.

 We haven't turned on the water or put anything into service yet, but everything is ready and waiting for us, when the weather and Dave's recovery allow. BTW, Dave is doing awesome with his cane and even went down our cellar stairs today! More monumental moments happen every day.

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  1. Lilacs and a moose! Can a day get more perfect than that? Glad to hear Dave's getting stronger every day, wish we could have met up with you during your Florida time. Take care, Peggy