Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Modify and Adapt

This weekend is the antique motorcycle rally at Rhinebeck. Every year Dave rides a classic motorcycle around the grounds, since admission is free for anyone that rides through the gates on a bike 35 years or older. It's a great way to see all the bikes and displays around the huge fairgrounds. This year of course, is a challenge because of his injuries. Thanks to Kevin though, Dave will be able to join in the festivities.

This is a Honda Trail 70 that Kevin modified for him. None of the changes are permanent. Notice the hand shifter so he doesn't have to use his left leg. Instead his leg, that still doesn't bend enough to get up on a regular foot peg, can rest on the extended peg.

The throttle can be used more by pushing it than grabbing on to a twist grip.

Kevin even installed a basket for any small purchases he may make along the way and a custom cane holder!

Dave should be able to adapt to these modifications, especially since the bike is so low to the ground. He says he feels like he has come full circle, because this is the bike he started out on when he was a kid!

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