Monday, July 22, 2013

Sashaying Through The 1000 Islands

We had a windy and stormy start to the windy that we couldn't launch Sashay on Friday. Driving to the St. Lawrence River was a bit difficult, so we stopped for a break and ironically parked next to this boat that was quite the opposite of ours.

 Once settled in at the motel, a storm hit and a huge near by tree split and fell on a neighboring house.

When the weather cleared on Saturday, it was gorgeous out and a perfect day for touring the antique boat show on the Alexandria Bay public docks. Friends Catherine and David drove down from Montreal to join us.

We saw many wooden boats, but this 1945 Coast Guard built launch was our favorite. The owner was very detail oriented, but of course we are a bit biased.

That's Her reminded me of the tour boat that we went to Boldt Castle on, back in the 1960's when my family visited the area.

Looking and craving all these wooden boats led us to launching Sashay, which is just as classy, but much easier to take care of since she is fiberglass.

As we were launching, a huge race boat was waiting to use the ramp also. It came complete with its own fuel hauler. We kept kidding David and Catherine that we were going to tell everyone in the sailing club that they are trading their sailboat in on this.

Once in the water, we got a different perspective on everything happening at the docks.

We cruised around several of the islands admiring the the estates and even the tiny houses built on rocks. Being in the St. Lawrence Seaway gave us the added advantage of seeing a freighter go by.

 Two Davids contemplating.

Two C's enjoying the ride!

Sunday morning we woke to bright but chilly weather, which was actually a nice change from the 90+ degrees we had been having the past week.  Dave and I spent the morning Sashaying towards Canada, going under the bridge that leads to the border.

 Our goal was to go through the rift with its swift current. Although the little Yanmar 2 GM 20 h.p. motor only pushes us along at 6 knots, it handled the current that was against us, just fine.

We felt like we were the African Queen and for Dave especially, this was a dream come true!

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