Thursday, August 15, 2013

"I'll Be Back..."

When my computer gets a new hard drive....

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Up The Creek

A visit to Vergennes, Vermont isn't complete without a visit to the public docks at the base of the waterfall on Otter Creek. The water was really high when we visited so there weren't too many boats, and we were surprised to see these two steam powered launches. We later found out there was a steamboat meet along the Otter Creek that day, and saw several more as we drove down along the shore.

As beautiful and traditional as these boats are, I am glad that our Sashay isn't as complex. All we do is turn the key and hit the ignition button, and off we go with the little Yanmar diesel engine chugging away.

Friday, August 2, 2013

We Are A Sight

Every summer we like to spend time along the Burlington, Vermont waterfront. This year has had its challenges, but we are adapting. Normally we would bring the double kayak on the roof of the van, but neither one of us can put it up there or get it down. Instead we brought my single kayak on our utility trailer, along with Dave's classic 1970 three wheel bicycle. While I paddled, he peddled! His physical therapist has him on a stationary bike so the tricycle is perfect exercise for him. It is however very tiring and I caught him taking a well deserved break. Sore but happy...

Meanwhile, I kayaked along the waterfront and breakwater, which must have been almost underwater a few weeks ago when the lake's water level was near flood stage.

While paddling across the channel between the shore and the breakwater I had to stay out of the way of two tour boats and the Port Kent, NY car ferry. The aging Adirondack is the same ferry our family came across Lake Champlain on back in the 1960's.

All these sailboats were ready for the kids to go out on, but the wind died. Great for me, but frustrating for them.

These longboats were two of several in the marina, and belong to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. They try to have rowing races every year, depending on the weather.

The summer is flying by and our trip to Burlington was a huge success. Dave even drove our standard shift PT Cruiser Convertible. He is getting better at using the clutch and shifting, which is difficult with his broken left femur and broken right wrist. Once again, adapting is what it's all about!