Saturday, October 26, 2013

Falling Leaves To Palm Trees

Although we had a great fall and the colors were gorgeous, the cold weather set in and we have headed south. We are now in Daytona for the next few weeks until we head to Abaco. This year we drove the van and have Dave's bicycle and my pink kayak with us, so we will have lots to do while we are here.

Dave's last ortho appointment went very well and the doctor was pleased with his progress. She said he could even waterski if if he felt he could. His femur is mostly healed on the inside but on the outside there are still gaps. I'm sure that's why he still limps with the bone roughness irritating his muscles and tendons. The bone is doing 50% of the work and the rod is doing the other 50% of the work. Unless he has pain in the future, all his hardware will remain and not be taken out. Now it's time to go out and have some fun and ride around on his Helix motorcycle and build up his strength!

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