Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mile After Mile

Last weekend we went to the famous Warrensburg townwide garage sale. What once must have started out as the locals bringing out their unused items to sell, has involved into a huge event with thousands of people attending. Mile after mile of not only private sales, but now also vendors of new and used wares, vintage items and antiques, and just plain "stuff" lined up and down the main road and side streets. Plus tons of food everywhere too! We only covered about a third of the town and didn't want to overdo it with Dave's leg making him sore and tired.


When we left and headed south on the Northway I-87 at about noon, we were amazed to see that the northbound traffic for the exit was backed up at least 3 miles! I wonder if some of those people even made it in time before the vendors closed down for the day. We sure were glad to be going the opposite direction.

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