Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The First Hike

Dave took his first hike in the woods on Sunday. It was only about half a mile each way, but there was very uneven ground with rocks and boulders to maneuver around, plus a couple of hills to traverse. He did it without any help though, and although sore and limping, it was another great accomplishment in getting life back to normal after his accident. The best thing was that my sister Sue and her husband Len were there to share this monumental occasion. And speaking of monumental occasions...congratulations Sue and Len on your 37th anniversary! We're so glad we were together to share in your early celebration too.
Off we go on the trail to Goose Pond.

Sue and Len read the sign-in book for hikers.

Dave's first hurdle was crossing this bridge.
The dew was still on the spider webs...

We have arrived!

The fall colors at the crystal clear pond were gorgeous!

Time for Dave to rest while Sue, Len and I continue on a bit further and find a great campsite, complete with outhouse.
Glad I had my walking stick for this stream crossing.
Two sisters relaxing on a lounge chair rock. Life's rough!
I would definitely rate this day a 10!!!!!

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