Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ti to Ti

Last weekend when we were with Sue and Len, we went from Ti to see the Ti....the steamship Ticonderoga that is. It was a crisp fall day to visit the Shelburne Museum in Vermont and we all took tons of photos to remember the day.

The Ticonderoga is a side paddle wheel ship that plied the waters of Lake Champlain until it was transported slowly across land to it's finally resting place on the museum grounds during the winter of 1955. It was dragged almost two miles on temporary rails taking approximately two months. This 220 ft. long and 59 ft. wide ship has been refurbished and is spectacular inside and out.
The side paddle wheel
The horizontal walking beam that transfers the power from the engine to the paddle wheel.
The engineers control station.
 The dining room.
 The galley.
 There are steam driven generators that produce 110 volts of DC power. These gauges were made in Schenectady.
The boilers. 
 Creepy inside the boilers. Dave called it 'Hell'.
 Crew's quarters just forward of the engine room. Must have been hot!
 Dave and I explore the forward freight deck where it could transport up to 28 vehicles. Not only did the Ti used to take freight, but also would transport up to 1000 passengers!
The rest of the museum was fantastic too, and many of the displays were thanks to  Electra Havemeyer Webb and her eclectic collections. This is the same woman who had the Ticonderoga brought to the museum grounds.
There were buildings devoted to horse drawn vehicles.

Whole buildings were transferred here also, including the schoolhouse and the Colchester Reef Lighthouse.
There was a railroad display complete with locomotive that was also built in Schenectady.
The hunting lodge
Dave checks out the jail....and prisoner Sue.
The double wide covered bridge.
 Besides these carousel animals, this long building had a huge display of miniatures of an entire parade of circus acts (on the left side of the photo) and at the end it had the circus in progress under the tent.
Another favorite of ours was the general store, including the pharmacy.

 It took the whole day to explore this awesome museum and I'm sure we'll find even more when we go back next time!
I even had my Ticonderoga shirt on!

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