Friday, November 1, 2013


One of the reasons we like to be in Daytona by the end of October is the Halloween celebration in my mother's neighborhood. This year's was beyond all others with tons of kids, grown ups and pets trick or treating. We even had props this year with Chucky standing guard.

First he had to be dressed...

Sister-in-law Eva loves Chucky!

All ready to scare, and that he did. Some of the kids were really hesitant to even get their candy and kept their eye on him to make sure he wouldn't move.

Which one is real? Only one of Chucky's eyes would blink so it looked like he was winking at everyone.

At about 8PM the crowds starting really ganging up on us. It took two people handing out treats to them all (sometimes it was one for them and one for us though!).

Our favorite was this homemade plane fashioned after the animation movie Planes...

Second was this maid with the eyeball highball cocktails.

Later, nephew Matthew came back over with his face painted. A great way to end the evening's ghoulish festivities.

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