Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Peddle Paddling

With our calm winds we have been taking advantage of our peddle paddle trips. Dave peddles his bicycle while I paddle.

Halifax Harbor Marina

Someone had this Guana Grabbers sign from Abaco on the porch of their condo. Hopefully we'll be there soon!
Cool boats at Daytona Aquamarina
The backwater mangroves of Wilbur by the Sea near Ponce Inlet.

Adventure Yacht Harbor and the Boondocks Restaurant

Birding opportunities abound. This osprey kept a keen eye on me.

You can see the difference between a cormorant and an anhinga. The cormorant (left) dives and catches the fish in his mouth/beak. The anhinga spears the fish with his very sharp beak (hard to tell because he was looking straight at me). When he is partially submerged he looks like a snake.

Now we are back to windy weather so it's time to find some more diversions until we can cross the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas. Stay tuned to see what we discover.

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