Thursday, November 7, 2013

Boardwalk Bound

The wind has been relentless the past week and we haven't had any chance to go kayaking, bicycle riding, or cruising on the Honda Helix. Today was our first break so we headed north to check out Daytona's famous boardwalk and pier.

Talk about the old and the new? There are high rise hotels, but there are still some of the old arcades and rides. A new roller coaster has been added along the waterfront also .

We had heard so much about this roller coaster and expected it to be much larger. It did have plenty of tight twists and turns though...not that we actually rode on it!
The pier itself had a special place in our lives because this is where Dave and I had our first date almost 37 years ago!

The building on the pier had a bar, band, and dancing back then and although the venue has changed, it sure brought back memories!

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