Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wind Blown

The wind has really picked today with gale force conditions. We rode down to Ponce Inlet at high tide to see how rough the ocean was. Wow, it sure was dynamic!

If we were in the Bahamas I would say there was a rage on.

Dave walks through the sand, trying to get a bit of protection from the dunes and lifeguard tower.
He had to crawl over the railing in the lee of the tower because the sand was blowing so hard by the jetty walkway entrance.
The kite surfer and windsurfer on the New Symrna side of the inlet were getting quite the ride with the wind and waves.

A lone tenacious fisherman must have been getting sandblasted.
It was amazing to see these conditions after going to the beach yesterday and having it totally warm, sunny, and calm. We certainly are glad we are not out there in a boat...and that's the reason why we are still in Daytona!

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