Monday, December 23, 2013

Caroler and Carolee

This year's caroling through Hope Town was a huge event with somewhere near 100 people attending. It was a perfect evening with barely a cloud in the sky.

Usually we are invited to go to our friends Janet and Philip's house Cozy Villa to watch as the carolers stop to sing a yuletide greeting (in return, Janet & Philip hand out their own greeting). I had a bit of an urge to join the procession through the settlement.

I don't think I had gone caroling since I was in high school and missed singing the timeless carols! Needless to say back then it was a bit colder than here in Abaco where I wore my shorts.

We stopped at several different houses along the route, including this one that has the most impressive decorations on all of the island.

When we arrived at Cozy Villa, it was fun to watch the carolees (including Dave) sing along with the carolers. Now I know what we look like when we are guests there on this special night. When Philip and Janet handed out their libations, I  left the carolers and joined Dave and the carolee party on their front porch.

What a great way to celebrate the holiday season and appropriately my name!

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