Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Homing In

Yes, we could definitely tell we were in the Bahamas when we woke to the sound of roosters. Time to get everything unloaded at Abaco Yacht Service's dock. Once again Barry and Barb came to our rescue and helped remove all the batteries from Ganesha's engine room and then hauled our stuff on board New Horizon.

This was the first time that we had seen the boat since the spring. The old girl is really starting to age although she fared the summer fairly well. There wasn't too much mildew inside, although later I found quite a bit in closets and drawers, so everything had to be cleaned and all clothes had to be removed and aired out.

New Horizon was launched the following day. It was a bit challenging to line up the travel lift but we figured they got it into that spot so they can certainly get it out.

 All 40,000 lbs. were hanging over the well and ready to float again.

Barry was right there to help move the batteries (yet again) on board and Dave installed them down in the engine room. This was an exhausting project for the guys. The engines started right up and were raring to go, but as usual the generator needed bleeding and coaxing.

The winds were right to press on to Hope Town the next morning and we had an uneventful trip through Don't Rock Passage. Arrival in Hope Town Harbour was monumental and we sounded our horn twice to announce that we were 'home'.

After much discussion we decided that we would try staying at a marina this winter so that it would be easier for Dave to get around. Plus by using power and water it would be less wear and tear on the boat's systems....and us. It has been 10 years since we have stayed at a dock and we had to figure out where the power cords were and how to hook them up. Since our arrival here at beautiful Hope Town Inn and Marina, we have really enjoyed it (click HERE for my post on it from last year). There are two pools and even a hot tub for Dave and a laundromat for me. I think he gets the better end of the deal, although I can't complain because there is also a small beach that I can keep my kayak on! A shuttle runs from the marina to anywhere in the settlement on the other side of the harbor. Internet is included (usually a big expense for us here in Abaco) and we are at a dock where the router is pointed right at us. We do pay for dockage, power, and water, but it doesn't cost that much more than renting a mooring and buying fuel for $6.35/gal. to run the generator, watermaker, and washer. Our dock is a little bit further away from the main hub-bub of the marina and so far it has been quite quiet, allowing us to get projects done....and there sure are many of those to accomplish.

Our skiff has been launched also, although it was out of commission at first with a frozen steering cable. Dave bypassed the steering system and rigged up two lines to manually steer the outboard from side to side. As usual, we were quite a sight...until the battery died for some reason, and off Dave went to Marsh Harbour for parts. Now we're back in service and we have our 'wheels' to get around.

We are out at the end where that Sportfisherman motoryacht is (no one is there presently), only he is on the outside dock and we are on the inside dock. This will be home for the winter.

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