Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Milestone

Today was the first Sunfish race of the season. Doesn't it figure that just before we all headed out of the harbor that a cold front arrived? Winds were 15-20 mph but the three race series was still held. I was on the race committee boat while Dave actually survived sailing in the blustery conditions for the whole regatta (of course now he can barely move).

 He was just so ecstatic that he could hang on to the tiller and mainsheet, and stay seated....well, at least until the end when he was heading back in the harbor and flipped over. It took pure determination to right the boat and get himself back to the beach. No wonder he is so tired and sore!

He may have only gotten 7th place out of 12 boats (which is actually quite good with the competition today), but just sailing is a milestone in his recovery. And he'll be right back at it for the next race in two weeks.

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