Monday, January 27, 2014

Finger Food

And our fingers WERE the food at times! Another beautiful day to take advantage of and we headed to Fowl Cay Preserve to snorkel and feed the fish. They have become so tame that as soon as we hooked up to the mooring ball they were at the side of the boat begging. We had brought bread crusts with us and it was perfect to just reach over and feed them by hand. Sometimes they mistook our fingers for the bread though. When we entered the very chilly water and started snorkeling the perimeter of the reef, we happened to look back and realized we were being followed by the whole school of bermuda chubs and yellowtail snappers. At one point I decided to head back to the boat while Dave continued on for awhile and we wondered who the gang would follow. Not to worry, we both had a group. Dave got the snappers and I had the chubs.

It's hard to top this experience, but tomorrow's another day and we'll give it a try.

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