Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Race Ready

Thanks to volunteers who helped repair and paint the Abaco Rage, it is now floating and sitting pretty on its mooring. It is quite a time consuming team effort just to launch and rig this famous work boat. Once the boat is back in the water, the lines and rigging have to be sorted out.

Then the mast gets lifted and installed with the forklift and manpower.

More rigging had to be untangled...no that's not Dave up the mast!

Instead, Dave had to go diving for the shirts that were used to protect the fresh paint from the straps used to launch it. 
He's much more comfortable in the water than up high now.

Later in the day, two boats assisted the Rage through the harbor and back to the mooring. Commodore-at-Large Rich Cook towed backwards while Jim Ryan was at the Rage's helm helping to steer and Will Heyer and Dave acted as a guide and tug at the stern.

Now it's time to put on those huge sails and let the racing begin!

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