Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Turkey Run Return

We are having some really stormy and windy weather, so it is a perfect time to relive the Daytona Turkey Run Car Show we went to back in November, just before we left for the Bahamas. There was a record amount of about 6000 cars there and we certainly couldn't see them all. Here are some of the highlights and unusual sightings...some were really extreme! This is where new trends in customizing are conceived.

Entering the Daytona Speedway tunnel to the infield:

Immediately we came upon more than just cars, but all sorts of tractors and wheeled creations too. 
This 'Hardly Ableson' trike was powered with a Maytag washing machine engine.

Here is an Infield Doodle Bug powered by a flathead four cylinder of unknown origin.

This Ford garden tractor has a 60 h.p. flathead V-8 in it. What a great sound!

Dave's Cyclops is not alone with competition from Buford's Contraption.

A Make 'n Break powered garden tractor/trailer combo. It would look good at one of our rallies!

Then it was on to the show cars. Some were hard to determine their lineage.

Long winters and imaginations run wild!

This was our queen of the Turkey Run. Imagine what you could make with this 1950 moving van (Chuck?!!!). We've never seen anything like it.

VW Bug with everything but the kitchen sink...on second thought it was probably hidden in there too.

A super chop job on this 1950's Chevy pick up truck.

Airbrushed details galore on this late model Corvette, even under the hood.

The Panama Jack Plymouth Prowler.

A 1970 Hemi Barracuda Convertible worth more than the average house.

1937 Plymouth P4 sheriff's car.

"Got Blower?" Dave calls these things condo Hemis when they are above the roof line.

1950 Chevy COE cab over engine transporter with all modern running gear.

Skeleton and crew looking for a new home.

The Monkees concept Pontiac GTO from 1967.

Beautiful pre-war coupe with period louvers. Look at the stance and front bumper.

Mixing classic  amusement rides with hot rods. I wonder what vehicle these will show up on next year.

An old-school sedan delivery.

An extreme 1961 Ford Galaxy.

"How low can you go?" Baggers were everywhere.

Pink Ladies Rule, even at the car show.

Extreme coming and going!

Intimidation at the stop light!

Your 'run of the mill' jet engine monster truck!

Street legal blown Hemi funny car.

Very tasteful period sled with lake pipes.

Even mini bikes were not immune to the customizer's touch.

Doc Hudson's nemesis.

We barely scratched the surface with all the hundreds of vendors. Dave was in 7th heaven with all this neon.

 Lots of strange items for sale too.

This looks like our collection with a chrome dome gas pump, outboard motors, and even a bicycle all like Dave's.


We may not have made it to Hope Town in time for Dave to enter in the Box cart Derby, but this event went beyond making up for it....but wait, I'm not done yet. More extreme vehicles to come soon!

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