Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Wing and a Prayer

We woke yesterday to a Haitian motor-freight boat aground near the freight dock here in Hope Town. This one is different than the one that we have seen in the harbor before.
It still amazes me that it can make it all the way to Haiti, but these heavily used boats must be solidly built and are constructed on the beaches of Haiti. This boat didn't even have a name anywhere on it. They billow smoke like crazy, but that is because they burn a combination of diesel fuel, used motor oil, and recycled cooking oil!  I do like the lines of the boat, especially the long sheer of the pointed bow. Dave thinks that it only is able to go forward and doesn't have reverse. We saw all sorts of lines and straps hanging off the sides of it, making us wonder if a small boat pulled it off the shoal and turned it around to point it out the harbor.

As Dave was motoring by in the skiff, the captain came out and motioned to his hat, indicating that he really liked it. Dave remembered that he left his old safari hat back on New Horizon, so he grabbed it and gave to the captain. You can imagine the smile he wore along with this hat...

After supplies that local Haitians have accumulated in the area are wrapped in plastic to protect them from the seas of what must be a rough passage, they are loaded on board. We saw mattresses, chairs, pails, bicycles, and wheelbarrows, among many other items needed.

Tonight at high tide the ship will motor out of the harbor and head south. I wish them calm seas and lots of luck!

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