Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Good Feeling

Today was the Man-O-War Fair and Flea Market which benefits the primary school on the island. The school receives little government funds so they need to really supplement in order to get supplies, etc. Since we now have numerous friends and ties in MOW, we really wanted to help out. After meeting the principal, we felt that this huge annual event would be a very worthwhile cause to donate Dave's windsurfer and our Hunter Liberty sailing dinghy for their silent auction (since Dave's accident and our aging bodies make it more difficult and uncomfortable to use them). We met several of the bidders in the auction and both items were sold to very happy and excited new owners. Both live in MOW and seeing them used there, where we have had so much fun sailing, is just what we wanted to happen. In the end, the principal and school were so appreciative of our donations because the sailboard brought $200 and the dinghy brought $600 into the school's much needed funds. We couldn't ask for better results!

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