Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bringing Back A Tradition

Welcome to the newly formed Abaco Wooden Boat Association! The Abaco Dinghy repairs and restorations are in full swing, as they are readied for the first race of the season next Sunday. Over the past several years, the enthusiasm for racing these dinghies has been waning and in fact there haven't been enough out on the course to hold a race. All that is changing thanks to Race Committee Chairman Heinz W. He has been diligently working on several of these beautiful boats, and they will be available for others to sail and race. More and more of the boats are coming out of retirement and everyone is really excited about bringing back this tradition.

Now that the slipway and pump house have been cleaned out, this area makes a great workshop at the base of the lighthouse.

Visitors are always stopping by on their way to the lighthouse to see what is going on and get a bit of history on Abaco Dinghies. These wooden boats make for perfect opportunities too.

 Thank you and well done Heinz!

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